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Make Your Own DIY Window Box for Planting Beautiful Flowers

Window Boxes filled with plants are adding beauty to your home window and all the way to your entire home. You may wonder, once installed, how it is going to change your home’s entire look and feel.

But, where will I get it?

Shall I order online or buy from a nearby furniture depot, or, rather I should hire a carpenter? These things will rush to your mind while you are eager to have a rainbow window with an aroma.

Well, those above things are fine, normal, and can be done at your ease.

But, if you are self-reliant smart, and can put your sleeves up and have your hands on some wooden logs and brilliant but inexpensive tools and nails and paints, it will be an enthusing thing.

Isn’t it?

DIY done Window Boxes with the help of your family members is having a stamp of some ever-cherishing moments of fun also.


Then again, you may think that, is it that easy?

Can we make that kind of an intact, sturdy, and crafty window box, which is the work of some experienced woodworker?

Don’t confuse yourself with these kinds of unwanted thoughts.

Right, I can sense it.

But, if there is somebody with expertise in this woodworking domain to guide you virtually, will it be right for you?

Here, I can suggest one renowned name for your aid,

They, not only help you in constructing your window boxes but also help you with almost all the domestic wooden infra needs.

They are an ideas treasure box. 

With their aid, you can put your own hands on it as it is a simple DIY thing with minimum supplements of goods.

Within no time, we can have a finely crafted and fitted window box ready on your work table.

What is a Window Box?


Window boxes are specially crafted in such a way that it comes out to be a very attractive one for you and these are made up of various sizes, shape, and colors.

Not only it can enhance the look of your house, but it can also add fresh air to the whole house. You can consider window boxes as one of the best ways to fill up your house exterior.

Window boxes with vines, flowers, and ornaments in it can add beauty to your house. This box can be beautifully done with fresh spring flowers in it.

What are the benefits of a Window Box?

If you’ve ever thought of having one, then it would not be wrong to say that you must have started to think of the benefits of one. It is a lot of fun to have this in your home and also it serves the purpose of giving your window a new look. There are various
kinds of window boxes you can use and you can make your own unique ones as detailed earlier, to suit your interior.

Window boxes are not only providing a great service to you. They are also the best way to bring out the best from your garden space. Here are the benefits of window boxes.

  • Adding pretty plants can be done at a minimal cost. The cost of a window box can be as low as few dollars.

  • You can easily add flowers to window boxes for an added splurge.

  • Window boxes serve as great privacy screens.

  • Window boxes add a lot of charm and good vibes to your home.

  • Window boxes can be used to grow edibles and small fruit trees for your own home.

Seems interesting. Isn’t it?

A DIY Approach


You do not need to be a carpenter to build a window box that meets your requirements, but you should be patient, practical, and with the minimum skillset, you can build it.

For that, as said above, you can get the help of Ted’s woodworking, a wonderful world of woodworking with 16000 astounding designs of woodcraft. All with detailed diagrams, step-by-step guidance with 3D images along with high-definition photos.

Do you know the fact that it is the World’s largest collection of DIY Wood Working Plans?

And, it took Mr. Ted McGrath, a laborious 20 years to compile it and collate it for you.


For a great DIYer in you, it is simple and easy to do.

Materials Needed

What you require for the DIY window box is wood, drills, hammers, nails, iron hooks, screw keys, duct tape, garden gloves, gardening tools, Saws, Chisels, sanders, paint stain, paint rollers, soil, soil conditioner, organic manure and seeds of flowering plants or edibles, etc.

DIY Window Box Instructions

Choosing the Style When it comes to DIY window boxes, the style is the most important. Choose the style that works best for you and your home. A lot of factors will help you decide the type of window box you want to have. For example, how big is your
home? If the size of your window box is small, then make a small one. But, if it is a big home, then go for a big window box. Let’s see the types of window boxes you can choose from the ebook.


  • A wall-mounted window box is perfect for a small home or smaller property. You can place it on the wall easily. The wall-mounted window box is also perfect if you do not have a patio or outdoor yard. The wall-mounted window box is less expensive and it is easy to clean and keep the dust away

  • Do not use any ordinary wood for making. They would break easily and also may warp. Buy long thick wooden pieces and they are easily available in most markets. If possible, bring, Cypress or Cedar. Sometimes, covering the wood frame with plastic or aluminum might also be advocated for wood’s longevity.

DIY Window Box Making

The process is very simple. You can make your own DIY Wooden Window Box with these materials.

  • Take the dimensions of windows where you want to put the planter. 

  • Cut the wood into the size you want your DIY Wooden Window Box to be. You can make it as small as you want, or you can make it as big as you want. It will be easy to add more wood later if you want to make it bigger. 

  • Use Chisel it to make the grooves to fix the wooden planks or boards perpendicularly. Or, you can simply nail it or screw it also.

  • Sand the wood with sanders or with sandpaper. 


The rest of the steps, you can get from the elaborate step-by-step guide from the genius of Ted.


All the mini engineering is done with the aid of this mammoth wonder of Ted McGrath, the woodworking educator, and his step-by-step guides. Then, paint it with an appealing natural true color. Fix your DIY Wooden Window Box in the proper place and start filling soil and then seeds.

And water it.


See, within weeks, your window alone gets plenty of audiences.



Window boxes can be an avenue for you to create an ambience of freshness and a homely vibe in your home, office, or wherever you go. There is always an audience around you and you could make them aware of a fresh decorating area for them.
Window boxes are a timeless art form and if not done properly could become an eyesore. People may find a few windows of the house spoiling with dirty window boxes. You have to watch out for those windows that come through your living room to the dining table. A clean window box is a sign of home and a well-mannered look. Therefore, installing window boxes is a good way to get rid of the sour look and freshen up your house. The window box is becoming very popular. You can easily make the right one for you.

Thank You.

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