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These days, spending time at home is becoming unanimous with our lives due to the state of the world. It is therefore very important to make sure that we are finding productive ways to spend our time.

In western climates such as ours, we need to make the most of the precious warm weather because it does not come by easily. Let us look at some DIY Backyard Gardening Ideas!

Backyard Gardening

Enter, Backyard Gardening! Backyard gardening is a great way to blow some of the stress and steam off. You want your backyard to be welcoming, refreshing and beautiful to look at.

We have a load of ideas and explanations for how you can get them done. So roll up your sleeves, get your supplies, start your planning because these ideas will keep you busy for days. Let’s get started.

Note: After you are done with these, you can take a look here to get more insight and ideas for your Backyard Gardening. There are extensive ideas on a lot of different landscaping ideas. From gardening to backyard scenery and so on, you can find all kinds of ideas right here.



You will need some materials for each of these DIY ideas and projects. Most of them will involve hardware in one way or another. If you are good at woodworks, these ideas will be very easy for you to get down with. Here are some of the most common materials you will need for these Backyard Gardening ideas.

  • Wood

  • Gardening equipment

  • Wood crafting hardware

  • Creative thinking (You probably would not be reading this if you did not have that though)

  • A spacious garden

You can find all your woodwork essentials from Ted’s WoodworkinG. More about them later.

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Plant Box
Image by Riley Pitzen

Backyard Gardening Ideas DIY

Beyond this list, you can check out The Backyard Miracle Farm for a ton of ideas on how you can turn your backyard or garden into a survival shelter. More on that later in this article.

Here are the ideas that we will be going through today.

1. Window Box for Plantation

2. Hang a Tree Swing

3. Build one (or more) Adirondack Chairs

4. Create a small Farming Area

5. Build and Design some Fences

6. Build a Garden Planter

Let us explore each of these ideas more in detail

Window Box Plantation

A Window Box might be a common sight in single homes in the Western world. However, it’s not very often that they are homemade and made for gardening purposes. For making a window box, you will not require anything in addition to what has already been mentioned.

The idea will be to take measurements with your window as the subject and calculate the dimensions of your to-be window box. Make sure that you do not move forward before you have a semi-done blueprint of the window box. It is always safer to proceed with a general idea in mind of what you are making.

After doing so, you can accordingly cut up wooden segments that match these measurements. Use adhesives and nails/screws to make sure that they do not fall apart keeping in mind that they will probably be bearing a lot of weight from gardening pots.

When you are done creating the base structure, you can add adhesive paint to make sure it's extra firm and strong. Paint according to your own will or something to match your home’s color palette. Finish by attaching the window box to the bottom of a window.

You can find all the necessary tools, equipment and gear at Ted’s Woodworking at very affordable prices. They will make woodworking feel easy and simple.

Hang a Tree Swing

Tree swings are a great way to make your backyard garden more interactive and lively. For this DIY idea, you actually do not need much. You will need some rope in addition, and it has to be of enough quality to hold a human being up. You can also use metal chains if you prefer, they are the safer approach to take for a swing.

Get a strong wooden board which you plan to make the seat out of. Make some measurements for yourself when you take a seat and add a few more inches to it. Consider making it a two-person swing if you want to.

Then, cut it up using a manual or electrical saw. Attach the metal chains or ropes from the tree and check to see how tight it is when it is taut to the maximum force. You are good to go if you can assess that it can take your full body’s weight.

Now, you can puncture an even number of holes in the seat, so that you can attach the swing with the suspension. Do not finalize this, however. You will need to use a leveler to make sure that the seat is on parallel height for your seating experience. After you have done so, you can proceed to attach the suspension and cut off any extra bits. Adjust the height further if you find any issues. And voila!

This was a very short instruction on how you can make a tree swing.




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Build One (or more) Adirondack Chairs

This one is a bit of a challenge, but hey, if you enjoy working with wood, this is perfect! Adirondack chairs are popular for backyards and gardens. This will require you quite a lot of wood and extensive use of an electrical saw. So make sure that you have taken all the safety measures that you need to.

Make a plan before you start taking measurements. Do not start cutting any wood before your plan is stable and complete. Start with the legs, because it will be the base of your chair. You can browse online for some readymade plans of Adirondack chairs at ideas4landscaping.

When you have created the plan, take measurements with height in mind for the legs. Follow the plan so that it remains consistent with what angle the legs of the chair will be at with the seat. Once you have marked these measurements on the wood, cut it all up as smoothly as you technically can.

You can now go on to do the same with the seat, and eventually the backrest. Attach the seat slats with the legs, and then the back slat too. If you want your chair to have arms, cut them up too according to your plan and assemble them accordingly. Apply the finishing touches at the end. We understand that this would require a more extensive tutorial, so you can follow this one.

Create a Small Farming Area

A farm at a home with edibles is a paradise for many backyard lovers. Gardening is one of the most popular activities in the more rural parts of the west. The Backyard Miracle Farm has very extensive details on how you can make the most out of a backyard farm for any situation. We will give our take on this in a brief manner.

Grab some containers for your plants from the local gardening store. You will probably also require some soil for the more sensitive vegetables.

Decide on what kind of elements you want to grow on this backyard farm. Onions, carrots, radishes, garlic are all good ideas to start with. Edibles in the backyard are also very good if you live in a colder area. For the vegetables that grow underground, build some beds in which you will place the soil. Now sow and plant the seeds according to the requirements. 

Water them regularly like any plants, and use fertilizers for the best results. You should also keep in check of vermin and pests. They will kill your homegrown vegetables before they are even fully grown.

There are great tutorials on this all over, so you can always look up extensive ones that will subject any particular vegetable you want to grow in your backyard.

Build and Design Some Fences

For your garden to be safe, some fences are recommended. They are easy to make and they make a backyard garden much livelier. This is made even easier if you want to keep the designs simple.

A fence is mainly composed of posts and pickets. You can find these ready-made from a gardening store, but we recommend you to make them yourself as this is a DIY project idea.

You will require a lot of time and effort to cut up many pickets and a few posts. Initially decide on how big you want the fence to be. Then you can make a plan for how tall and wide each of the pickets and posts should be. The post will be placed at intervals between multiple pickets to make sure that the fence is strong and stable.

When you have made a plan for this, start cutting wood accordingly with each of the dimensions. Then you can place the posts with equal distances between them. Then place and attach the pickets with the posts.

Fences are extremely helpful to keep wildlife and other intruders away from your backyard. For how well DIY ideas go, there are a lot of families who make the fences themselves.

Build a Garden Planter

Have you noticed those ladder shaped garden planters? These are growing more common with each passing day. The best part is that these are easily replaceable and you can simply put them away if you do not want to continue gardening.

First you’ll have to get a ladder that you are not using. Usually, spare ladders can be bought quite easily for cheap prices at garage sales. You will have to fix the ladder with a wall or a support of some sort. Adjust the ladder in such a way that the steps are at level position. Try to make it so even, that you can place objects on the steps without any effort.

Making the boxes for the planters will be easy if you are familiar with making wooden containers. Woodwork materials will be necessary to complete this project. You will have to cut up some pieces of wood according to the dimensions of the ladder’s steps. You can then place the container on the step and attach it so that it stands up right. Fill it up with soil and plants as you wish.

You can choose flowers or vegetables, but its best advised that you don’t put them into the same container. It can lead to unhealthy conditions for your vegetables. Add fertilizers accordingly to the requirements of each of the plants. Preferably organic manures and bio-fertilizers.

Backyard Patio
House with a Backyard

Getting More Ideas

After you have completed these projects, you can explore more ideas all over. There are some excellent ideas at ideas4landscaping for you to explore. Over 750 ideas to explore throughout the whole place! You can truly become an expert at backyard DIY ideas if you complete all of these.

Are you wondering where you can buy all the wood working materials? These can be found at affordable prices at Ted’s Woodworking. With the step by step plans you can forget about extensive blown up schematics. You also do not need to worry about any confusing instructions. With over 150 Premium video classes to choose from, you can explore over 16,000 different types of projects.

Lastly, you can get some great insight from The Backyard Miracle Farm. This is a blueprint to turn your backyard garden into the ultimate survival plan. From edible items in a farm, to making the best of your backyard – you can find all that you might need to know about your backyard optimization.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the ideas that you can explore and make for your backyard garden. DIY projects are a great way to fill up your schedule and spend your time more productively.

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